Jubo Padel

Who we are



Following a lifetime dedicated to tennis as both player and president of Dénia Tennis Club (for some 24 years), Juan Periañez Cabrera created JUBO TENNIS, SL in 1998, specialising in the construction of tennis courts.

The first padel court was built in 1999 and he saw great potential in the sector. He decided to devote more time to improving the padel court manufacturing and installation process nationwide.

Juan was well-known in the sector thanks to his lengthy career, with the simple imperative that he could only work with the best quality and low margins. This enabled consistent growth, keeping clients satisfied and building a long-term working relationship.

He was joined in the company several years later by his sons Juan (2002) and Borja (2006), who upheld the philosophy of working with the best quality and tight margins. Following the death of their father and the founder of JUBO TENNIS in 2011, the two brothers took control of the company and its future, with even greater emphasis on a job well done, careful attention to products and customer service.

In 2015, the JUBO PADEL brand was created and the international expansion began, opening up new markets in Central America, North Africa, Asia and, mainly, in Europe.

Over the last two decades, JUBO PADEL has expanded its facilities three times to ensure full control over production, storage and distribution.


These two decades of experience have taught us to produce durable padel courts which require minimal maintenance and are intended so players use and enjoy them, but also to maximise the profits of their owner. The philosophy with which our company was founded remains in place: top quality and low margins.

JUBO PADEL is a young, dynamic team which strives every day to make this one of the world’s benchmark companies in padel court manufacture. We offer an unbeatable quality/price ratio, design and produce all our products, advise our clients on their projects and offer a rapid, tailored service.


At JUBO PADEL we aim to be a worldwide benchmark for padel courts. We enjoy developing our company and building every padel court we manufacture.

We push ourselves every day, raising the bar both physically and technologically. Our team comprises skilled professionals who enjoy their work and cheerfully overcome objectives, new challenges and difficulties.

We are passionate about bringing padel to the world, making people aware of it and helping this sport – which all of us as players love – to grow. We want to be your trusted manufacturer and share the success of this sport with you.

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