Jubo Padel

Forte Portable


It is the classic model adapted for temporary installations without anchoring to the ground, composed by 30 metal modules with two support plates of 26x16x1cm. FORTE PORTABLE padel court is reinforced in its entire perimeter by a tubular ring of 60 meters with 80x40x2mm tube, also in the upper part of 3 meters high with 2 tubes 80x40x2mm of 12 meters long each one, and for outdoor installations, with 16 large counterforts in all the perimeter. Once the structure is assembled, constituting the most robust portable padel court to date. It is distributed in:

  • 30 metal modules built with 80x40x2mm tube, with 48x48x4mm electro-welded wire mesh, internally reinforced with two extra 40x40x2mm tubes to ensure the long-term stability of the wire mesh. When glass and wire mesh coincide in the same module, it is reinforced internally with 80x40x2mm tube to support and protect both. The glass rests on its entire perimeter on a base of 40mm, to ensure maximum stability, better bounce of the ball and safety during the game. 4 modules adapted for player access.
  • 84 linear meters of 80x40x2mm tube for reinforcement of the structure
  • 16 large counterforts to reinforce the structure (outdoor courts)
  • 4 pillars 80x80x2 mm thick of 6 meters high, designed for lighting to be installed. With a crossbrace to support the floodlights.

High aesthetic quality finishes:

a) Electro-welded mesh is continuous between frames (injury prevention)
b) World Padel Tour type open entrances
c) Net posts matching the structure
d) Corners finished off with trims

Sturdiest finishes:

a) Complete structure in hot galvanized steel
b) All screws A4 stainless steel and M10 metric
c) Wire mesh and glass rest on its entire perimeter on a frame
d) Once installed, pillars of 80x80mm with double buttress
e) Ventilation holes

Examples of our FORTE PORTABLE court

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