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Features in Common



  • The four corners of the structure are lovingly finished off with trims. Optional: trims can be personalised with the brand or logo of your choice.
  • 2 large open entrances in the centre of the court to facilitate players’ quick and safe access and exit. Optional: folding or sliding doors can be installed.
  • All screws are A4 stainless steel and M10 metric; additionally, UV-resistant nylon protective washers are used with the glass. The expansive metallic anchors bolts are certified and homologated by the EU, measures M12/Ø16×110.
  • All the metal used to produce the metallic structure of the padel court is carbon steel S235JRH (EN 10219) hot galvanized; the wire mesh is pre-galvanized, and the anchor plates are hot-dip galvanized. We shape the material in our factory, taking all details into account, in a flow production system featuring specialised storage, cutting, drilling, assembly and rack packaging processes.
  • 9 stage painting process: (1) degreasing; (2, 3 y 4) triple wash using osmotic water; (5) nano-ceramic passivation; (6) wash again; (7) drying; (8) application of electrostatic coating (in the colour of your choice, normally RAL6005 green, RAL5017 blue, RAL7016 dark grey, RAL9004 black) using thermosetting polyester paint; and (9) polymerisation tunnel at 200-230ºC.
  • Set of top-quality net posts and competition net comprising:

a) Set of net posts, made in square tube with a removable internal tightening mechanism. Reinforced net posts, hot galvanized and painted to match the rest of the structure.

b) Competition net made of 5mm knotless polypropylene yarn and 40x40mm mesh. Long-lasting polyester upper strip with a 6 mm plastic-coated galvanized steel cable.

Tempered Glass

According to the standards of the International Padel Federation for tempered glass (EN 12150) 10 or 12mm thick, with flat polished edge, with perfect planimetry and fully homologated. Two systems:

  • Traditional system: 14 glasses of 2.995×1.995mm + 4 glasses of 1.995×1.995mm, with 6 and 4 countersunk holes respectively, in total 100m2

  • WPT system: 18 glasses of 2.995×1.995mm, with 6 countersunk holes, in total 108m2

EPDM rubber joints of the highest quality, with the same thickness as the metal section and 5mm thick, to absorb shock and vibration of the glass against the metal structure.

Anchoring of tempered glass with countersunk screws A4 stainless steel and M10 metric, protected with UV-resistant nylon covers.

Installation system: the glass is supported on its entire perimeter in the metal structure and, at the same time, rests on the anchoring plates of the structure that are over-raised from the ground 15mm, facilitating the exit of rainwater and the artificial grass finish below the glasses.

Mondo Turf

MONDO STX – high quality monofilament in green, blue, orange or purple colour.

Turf made from STX polyethylene fibre, a semi-concave upright monofilament reinforced with a central spine, 12 mm height and 250μm thick. 6 monofilament fibres inserted per knot and 54.600 knots per m2 (total: 655.200 threads per m2). 10.000 Dtex grass with a total fibre weight of 1.671 g/m2. Support base finished in polyurethane to ensure better long-term finish, with a total product weight of 2.486g/m2.

MONDO STX SUPERCOURT (Official Turf of World Padel Tour) – top quality monofilament in green or blue colour

Turf made from STX SUPERCOURT polyethylene fibre, a semi-concave textured monofilament reinforced with a central spine, 10 mm height and 250μm thick. 6 monofilament fibres inserted per knot and 46.200 knots per m2 (total: 554.400 threads per m2). 13.500 Dtex grass with a total fibre weight of 1.706 g/m2. Support base finished in polyurethane to ensure better long-term finish, with a total product weight of 2.521g/m2.

Game lines in white in the same material, joint tape, special adhesives, as well as supply and extension of silica sand of selected granulometry with rounded edges, in a total of 15 Kg/m2 (STX) and 10 kg/m2 (STX SUPERCOURT) respectively.

The range of systems of MONDO artificial turf for PADEL is developed to guarantee an excellent sport and technical function. Turf carpet must be installed on a flat and if possible “rough” surface such as asphalt or unfinished concrete base. The following installation types must be avoided:

  • Direct glued to the base
  • Carpet on NWF (non-woven fabric) substrates
  • Carpet on hard, very smooth finished surfaces such as marble, ceramics, or concrete bases smoothed with a very fine trowel

The Base

The most rapid, economical, resistant and easy-to-build regulatory solution is a semi-trowelled concrete base (not very finish smooth), useful equal to install the turf as the metal structure. In the following link you can download a blueprint with all the details (NOTA: link al plano de la base de hormigón fratasado en inglés)

If your priority is a fast drainage, you should build a porous, level and with good planimetry base, besides building a perimeter concrete footing to install the metallic structure. We recommend that you take measures to prevent erosion under the porous base. In the following link you can download a blueprint with all the details

From tennis to padel (except clay courts)

If you have a tennis court in disuse, now you can convert it to padel taking advantage of the space without big expenses. Normally, a tennis court is installed on a soft base, which means you will have to build a perimeter concrete foundation to install the metal structure. If the inner rectangle of 20x10metros has good planimetry, on this the turf can be installed perfectly. In the following link you can download a blueprint with all the details

If you are thinking of installing a court on your own, JUBO PADEL makes easy-to-install courts. We supply all materials packaged and protected so they can be transported, unloaded and installed perfectly.

Our courts and work are our best advertisement; contact us and we will let you know which of our courts are closest to you so you can see the quality of our materials, as well as our satisfied clients and users.

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